Low Carb Diet The Key to Success in your Weight loss Efforts

Obesity is one among the most common health troubles the US population faces at present. The health industry offers numerous solutions for this trouble. One among the most effective ones is a low carb diet. However, if you are someone who finds it difficult to control the craving for food items rich in carbohydrates, you are sure to face a tough time going for this option. Following are a few tips to help you in the matter.

A few diet tips for beginners

You have finally decided to follow a low carb diet. But, what next? Just try to do the following.

1.       Gather as much information as possible

As someone planning to follow a low carb diet to acquire a healthy body, the first thing you have to acquire is information in the matter. Explore the Internet and read as many blogs and books as possible written in the field. Subscribing to blogs run by the experts too is highly recommended.

2.       Begin with small changes

When planning a diet which is low in carbohydrates, take care to ensure that you begin with small changes. You may be tempted to dive into the diet from day 1. But, know that this would definitely take you back to your old habits within no time. It is almost like beginning with a sprint for a marathon. Start by reducing the quantity of your favorite high-carb food items. This way, you would give your body enough time to get accustomed to the newly introduced diet. The results are sure to be surprising.

3.       Determine your Strategy:

If you are someone who surfs the Internet for information on a diet low in carbohydrates, you are sure to come across thousands of diet plans. You have to choose one among them. This is going to be a tough task. The best thing to do is to take a book from local library written on the subject. Read about different approaches and go for the one which appears feasible for you. In the instance of this appearing difficult, you can go for the generally followed diet, the one which avoids all white foods and sugar.

4.       Think of what you can eat:

As a beginner in the field, you are sure to feel discouraged thinking of what not to eat to get rid of the excess of pounds from your body. Being positive would help you solve the trouble. Think of all the fresh vegetables and fruits you enjoy. Considering your diet as a rainbow too would make the shift smooth and enjoyable.

5.       Plan an entire week’s menu:

It is sure to appear awkward the situation where you are left with no idea of what to have in the sixth day of your meal plan. Prepare for a week with all the fresh items you wish to have in your kitchen. Getting support from your friends and family too would go a long way in helping you succeed in your weight loss efforts.

Following a low carb diet may appear daunting in the first few weeks. But, the guidelines mentioned above would definitely be of assistance in the matter.

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Atkins Diet: Ensuring Relief from Obesity for Good

There is no doubt to the fact that losing weight is a struggle which requires fierce determination and great commitment. The health industry comes up with an astounding number of options to help a person in the matter. One among the most popular among such options is Atkins diet. Popularized by an eminent American physician Dr. Atkins during 1970′s, this diet has taken the industry by storm.

This meal plan is designed with the insight that human body prefers to use carbohydrates as its source of energy. When this source of energy is taken away, our body turns to the other available source, fat. It consists of four phases. The following is an overview of them.

1. Induction phase

This can be regarded as the most stringent phase of Atkins diet. Here, you are allowed to have a maximum of 20 grams of carbohydrates. A two-week long phase, this one asks you to have eight glasses of water per day. And, the most important source of your carbohydrates intake should be green vegetables and salads. You should also include the items like shellfish in your diet so that the body is offered a constant supply of proteins. It is during this phase that you are going to lose maximum weight; up to 10 pounds per week.

2. Ongoing weight loss phase

This is the longest among the four phases of this diet. Here, you are allowed to increase your carbohydrate intake to five grams per week. During this phase, you are asked to include nuts, fruits, vegetables and juices in limited quantities in your daily meals. Here too, the focus remains in ensuring adequate supply of proteins to your body. By the end of this phase, you would have just 10 pounds to lose to reach your target bodyweight.

3. Pre-maintenance phase

This phase is an attempt to determine the critical amount of carbohydrates your body needs. Critical quantity is that limit which you can consume without adding up to the pounds. This phase allows you to have more fruits and juices. And, you are advised to have up to seventy grams of carbohydrates in your diet. This is to ensure that your bodyweight is kept at the appropriate level.

4. Maintenance phase

This is the most important among all the phases of Atkins diet. Here, you apply everything you have learned from the previous phases. This phase should last all your life. If you find yourself gaining back the weight you have lost any time, you can happily go back to any of the earlier phases of this diet.

How it works?

This information naturally takes you to the question, how this diet succeeds where other variants of the same fail miserably? The secret is nothing else, but simplicity. This meal plan does not bombard you with a list of do’s and don’ts. There is just a single instruction, avoid carbohydrates from your daily meals. Millions attest to the success rate of this meal plan. Even those who were unable to follow other meal plans too report that with Atkins diet, they were able to reach their target bodyweight within a short time.

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Lida Daidaihua Weight loss capsule

If being overweight meant only a cosmetic hazard then it would have been far less harmful than what it is now. Of course it is a cosmetic hazard; it makes you look unimpressive and far less pretty compared to what you actually are. You could say that excess body weight or fat is like a big sack coving up your good looks and self confidence. But what makes it far more harmful are the health hazards that it brings along with it. An overweight person can suffer from a lot of serious diseases like, acute depression, cholesterol, diabetes, insomnia, osteoarthritis and certain cancers. To deal with the perennial problem of putting on weight, now you have Lida Daidaihua slimming capsules. These are an extremely effective way of cutting excess body fat away and establishing a healthy lifestyle.

100% herbal

The capsules have become extremely popular with people suffering from weight problems because they do not have any side effects. They are mainly made from the extracts of a Chinese herb called ‘Lida Dali’. When this herb is combined with other herbal extracts, it makes these extremely effective slimming capsules.


Controlling your appetite with Lida 

Appetite is not the food that your body requires; it is the food that your body craves. Some people have a good appetite and are thus big eaters, while others have less appetite and have a much regulated diet. The problem is generally with the people who have a good appetite. They tend to eat more than what is required by the body, all these extra food is then accumulated as fat and makes you over weight. What Lida slimming capsules will do for you is, hold back your appetite and make you feel full. This will ensure less consumption of unwanted food, and a fitter and slimmer body.

Increasing your metabolism

Generally the quantity and type of food that you intake is directly proportionate to your lifestyle. If you are into a lot of physical activity then you will consume bigger portions and also burn them out. However, if you have a non-physical or desk job then you must watch what you eat because burning the calories gets really difficult. What a Lida Daidaihua slimming capsule will do for you is increase your metabolism rate. This will help you to quickly burn the calories that you consume and not let them accumulate as fat in your body.

Losing weight without workouts

 No matter what, the best way to lose weight is by working it out. But who has the time? In the busy work and life schedule people hardly manage to sleep for six hours at a stretch, there is no time to maintain a regular exercise regimen. This slimming capsule will help you to lose weight without any exercise. You could lose up to 5 – 15 pounds in just one month.

Lida slimming capsules are easily available in your nearest retail, or online. They are completely herbal and have no side effects. In fact, taking one slimming capsule daily will not only help you to curb fat, but will also leave you with an extra bout of energy.

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